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$29 USD

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First 10 licences,
discounts available
on additional (11+)

  • Onboarding Package required
  • 5 license minimum


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Elizabeth Walker

Associate Director, Programs

Intuitive product that helps us work together better

We’ve been using Inspire for a few years now and find it very helpful. As a nonprofit, we use it for all parts of our work, including, program development/management, communication campaigns, staff management, events, etc. It’s a fairly intuitive platform that everyone on our team is able to use. It was important to use, when selecting a PM tool, that it integrated with SF tasks so we would be able to see the full scope of our workload in one place. Inspire does this beautifully, taking advantage of native SF tools (like tasks and chatter, etc.) – it means less of a learning curve for people and easier adoption across the team – which means we can be more collaborative and transparent in all of our projects. The Inspire team is also big on listening to their customers and finding ways to improve their product.

Carly Galli

Vice President of Business Systems and Processes

Clear winner for project collaboration

Within our global organization we manage complex projects across multiple users in different countries. Inspire Planner drives results with an intuitive interface and user-friendly features including integration with Salesforce Chatter. Focus less on project administration and more on team collaboration!

Marshall Bilodeau

Business Intelligence Analyst

Powerfully Simple

Our company is fairly new to Salesforce with a limited number of users running projects. However, as a certified PMP with more than 25 years of IT experience, I needed something to help me manage the multitude of Projects I’m involved with managing. I tried other products that were out there all with limited success. Basically I found them to be either too difficult to use for the end user or too expensive to fit our needs. That’s when I found “Inspire”.

For those PMs who’ve managed projects using either Excel or MS Project, Inspire is extremely intuitive and easy to set up. In fact, I had one of my existing projects up and running the very same day I installed Inspire and that was BEFORE I had even looked at the guidance Inspire provided!

As someone who has worked in IT most of their life and has dealt with various levels of tech support, I can tell you that the Inspire team is second to none. In addition, their sales team is extremely responsive and flexible. Not something you always see “after the sale”.

Kevin Potter

Program Manager

Everything and More

After an extensive search on AppExchange, my company went with Inspire Planner to use as a basic Project Management tool. After only a few months, this basic tool turned into one of our most powerful tools. We increased our project management tenfold and we continue to increase it with each new release. The people at Inspire Planner know their system well and know how to apply it even better. There have been a few limitations along the way, but most of them are resolved with the next release and the others come from ideas that we couldn’t even dream about before going with Inspire Planner. Overall it’s one of the best apps and it’s only getting better.

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Onboarding Services

Customer Success Plans


Complete Inspire Planner Feature List


  • Interactive Gantt chart
  • Kanban board
  • Calendar view (via native Salesforce calendars)
  • Resource Allocation view
  • Project Portfolio dashboard
  • List views - Table, Kanban, and Split
  • Intuitive drag and drop interface
  • Custom fields
  • Powerful filters

Time Tracking

  • Track time against any Salesforce object
  • (Project Tasks, Cases, Opportunities, Accounts, etc.)
  • Automatic Stopwatch
  • Track time manually on Salesforce Task record
  • Track time manually via Time Tracker tab
  • Daily and weekly views for Time tracking
  • Timesheets
  • Planned vs Actual effort
  • Time entry approval (coming soon)
  • Timesheet approval (coming soon)
  • Time tracking only tasks

Reporting and Analytics

  • Advanced Reporting and Analytics
  • (with Salesforce reports and dashboards)
  • Built-in reports
  • Built-in dashboards
  • Custom reports
  • Custom dashboards
  • Project KPIs


  • 100% Salesforce native
  • Enterprise-grade security and privacy standards of Salesforce
  • User Profiles
  • Permission sets
  • Record Level Security
  • Field Level Security

Project and Task Management

  • Integration with native Salesforce tasks
  • Advanced Task dependencies (FS, SS, FF, SF)
  • Multiple Predecessors
  • Unlimited projects
  • Unlimited tasks and sub-tasks
  • Unlimited milestones
  • Unlimited portfolios
  • Task assignments to Salesforce users, contacts and queues
  • Task notifications and reminders
  • Ready to start task indicator
  • Task priority
  • Project risks and issues (with Salesforce Cases)
  • Critical path map
  • Schedule baseline
  • Project slippage
  • Project variance
  • Constraints
  • Lag and lead time
  • Free and total Slack
  • Scheduling mode (Automatic vs Manual)
  • Define non-working days and weeks


  • Powerful project automation
  • (using Salesforce Process Builder or Salesforce Flow)
  • Unlimited project templates
  • Project Template Stitching for Opportunity Products
  • Automatic task assignments based on roles
  • Integrations with 3rd party apps (via standard Salesforce API)


  • Project team collaboration via Salesforce Chatter
  • External sharing via Project portal for non-Salesforce users
  • Project files management with version history
  • Customer Community Plus Support (paid)
  • Partner Community Support (paid)
  • Relate projects to any Salesforce record
  • Print and export project plans (to PDF or Excel)
  • Mobile access (via Salesforce mobile app)

Resource Management

  • Resource capacity and utilization planning
  • Resource attributes (for users and contacts)
  • Skills management
  • Expertise management
  • PTO management
  • Custom attributes
  • Manage resource’s working hours per day
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly views of resource allocation
  • Hourly and percentage allocation views

Project Financials

  • Project budget and expenses
  • Budgeted vs Actual project cost
  • Resource hourly rates
  • Earned Value
  • Cost Performance Index (CPI)
  • Estimated at Completion (EAC)
  • Cost variance
  • Effort variance
  • Automatic Cost calculation based on effort and rate


  • Top-rated personal support
  • Unlimited help tickets
  • Extensive Knowledge Base full of step-by-step articles and videos
  • Unlimited access to Inspire Planner training resources
  • Access to Inspire Planner user community
  • Different Onboarding packages
  • Optional Premier Customer Success Plans
  • Help ticket priority routing (premium)
  • Configuration support & diagnostics (premium)
  • Ongoing case assessment (premium)
  • Annual or quarterly account review with a Customer Success Manager (premium)
  • Custom development support & diagnostics (premium)
  • Custom release schedule (premium

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Inspire Planner offer a free trial?
Yes, you can test Inspire Planner with our free 30-day trial. Our trial gives you access to all the functionality and you can add as many users as you need.

Here is how to install Inspire Planner trial in your Production or Sandbox:

Do all my Salesforce users require an Inspire Planner license?
No, users need a license if they need access to any data related to Inspire Planner. We recommend licenses for anyone who needs the following:

  1. Create or manage projects
  2. Will have project tasks assigned
  3. Need access to reports and dashboards

Non-Inspire Planner users can still be assigned project tasks, which will result in standard Salesforce tasks, but they won’t see all the details without a license. Such users will have very limited project collaboration capabilities.

For example, the users without a license won’t be able to participate in Chatter collaboration, access shared files, log time for their tasks, see task dependencies, or any custom fields related to Inspire Planner. That is why we strongly recommend all project collaborators have a license.

Do external contacts require an Inspire Planner license to view projects?
No, in order to view projects in our External Project Portal, your external contacts do not need Salesforce or Inspire Planner licenses. On top of being able to view your project in real-time, your external contacts can also update the status of their tasks, edit actual effort, and leave a comment for your project manager. Through this fully secure portal, you can share projects with an unlimited number of external contacts, while all your data stays in Salesforce.

If you need your external contacts to have full access to all the functionality of Inspire Planner, then you can use a paid Salesforce Community and purchase Inspire Planner licenses for such contacts

Does Inspire Planner offer onboarding help?

Yes, we have a required Standard Onboarding package. We also have a full professional services team that can help with any sort of additional customization, or guidance, on a per-hour basis. Please see the details here.

What kind of support does Inspire Planner offer?

Standard support is included in the license fee. It includes unlimited email help tickets, unlimited access to Inspire Planner Training Resources, as well as access to the Inspire Planner User Community.

Inspire Planner also offers two premium Customer Success plans, which include priority help ticket routing, support & diagnostics for extended configuration and development, assigned customer success manager, custom release schedule, and more.

For additional details, please visit our Customer Success plans page or contact us at

Are there any discounts available?
Yes, volume discounts are available for 50+ users. Also, non-profit organizations can benefit from an additional discount on user licenses.
Do you offer monthly payments?
No, all of our plans are billed annually.
Does Inspire Planner have a mobile app?
Inspire Planner doesn’t have a standalone mobile app but since Inspire Planner is a 100% Salesforce-native solution, it works with the Salesforce mobile app.

We support the following functions:

  1. Updating tasks
  2. View/update project attributes
  3. Posting to Chatter
  4. Logging time
  5. View reports and dashboards

The Gantt chart interface is not intended for mobile devices.

Can I customize Inspire Planner for my needs?
Absolutely, you can customize Inspire Planner to meet your exact needs through standard Salesforce configuration. Inspire Planner is built on native Salesforce components and your data is stored in custom Salesforce objects. Therefore, customers can create additional fields, automated workflows or process flows, change page layouts, and more
WIll my data be secure in Inspire Planner?
Inspire Planner is a 100% Salesforce native solution. That means that you will benefit from the most advanced security standards of Salesforce as well as 99.99% availability of Salesforce. Within Inspire Planner, you can also control your data security setup by using profiles and permission sets.
Can I be invoiced instead of paying by credit card?
Yes, any customer can be invoiced and payment can be made via check or wire transfer. Please contact to request this method of payment
Do you accept PayPal payments?
Yes, we accept payments via PayPal.
As a non-profit, what do we need to provide to qualify for your non-profit program?
Please find the details about how you can qualify on our non-profits page.